Summer Door-to-Door Campaign to Protect Public Education

Advocating for public education and criminal justice reform, House District 46 Candidate Jacob Rosecrants began his summer door-to-door campaign on Saturday. Rosecrants, a Democrat, will meet the winner of the Republican primary in a September 12 special election to fill the seat vacated by Scott Martin.

Dozens of volunteers canvassed the streets of West Norman on Saturday to talk to their neighbors about public education and other state issues. “We are overwhelmed by the amount of people who showed up – people really do want to sit down and talk about their concerns for our state,” Volunteer Coordinator Shawn Terry said.

Protecting public education and generating revenues are major concerns for those in HD 46, where up to 90% of the children in the district attend public schools. “I’m very concerned about preserving and funding our public schools,” said HD 46 constituent Angie Calton. “An educator who has seen the effects of our revenue failure first-hand would be a strong advocate at the Capitol.”

Since the end of the school year, the Rosecrants campaign has knocked on more than 1,000 doors in District 46, hoping to convince voters of the need to fund core services. “We’ve been so encouraged by the heightened engagement in our community,” exclaimed Rosecrants. “People know what’s been going on at 23rd and Lincoln, and we hope they continue to get out there and talk about these issues with their neighbors this summer.”

The general election is set for Tuesday, September 12, 2017. You can learn more about Jacob Rosecrants and his summer door-to-door campaign by visiting