The voice of the people is our guiding principle.

Quality education is a right, not a privilege

Elected officials should be accessible and transparent to the people

This campaign prioritizes rehabilitation over incarceration

We will fight against corporate influence in politics in Oklahoma

Public Education

Although Jacob helped pass a teacher pay raise and has helped increase investment in our schools, public education is still in a crisis, as we see with extremely large class sizes and a massive exodus of teachers from the classroom. As a former public school teacher, Jacob has been on the frontlines of the war against teachers and public schools. He knows it will take a broad coalition to protect and strengthen our public schools, and he is a proud member of the bipartisan and bicameral Edvocates Legislative Caucus, which consists of other legislators who were also educators. Jacob will continue to fight vigorously against vouchers and other voucher-type programs such as tax credit scholarships, and he will oppose any other legislation designed to harm our public schools.

Champion for Our Children

Jacob has championed causes to protect our children. From HB 2734, “Lauren’s Law”, which is designed to help teach our young adults how to prevent sexual assault by teaching about consent and healthy relationships, to HB 2794, the Oklahoma Play-based Learning Initiative, which is designed to prioritize play-based learning as the best and most developmentally-appropriate way to teach children in the early childhood grade levels, Jacob has a passion to provide for our children. Jacob is also a member of the bipartisan Early Childhood Legislative Caucus, the main goal of which is to build public and private coalitions to provide supports for children from birth to 8 years old, in order to reduce adverse childhood experiences. Providing robust supports to children in this age range has been proven to lessen mental health issues, childhood poverty and crime.

Small Business Incentives

Jacob is concerned with the amount of lip-service paid by many elected leaders who say they want to help support Main Street, only to later support large out-of-state corporations. While there have been many tax incentives implemented at the Capitol to help bring businesses to our state, Jacob would like to see incentives for our local small businesses, which truly are the lifeblood of our communities, which will lead to sustainable economic growth.

Medical Marijuana

After witnessing a death in the family attributed to long-term opioid usage, Jacob fully supported SQ 788, which legalized medical marijuana here in Oklahoma, and passed with 57% overall. As a member of the Medical Marijuana Working Group, Jacob firmly believes in upholding the will of the people by implementing rules & regulations that reflect the spirit of SQ 788 and by protecting small medical marijuana businesses, all while growing the medical marijuana economy.

Budget Shortfall

Oklahoma is currently dealing with another multimillion dollar budget shortfall. While much of this has been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resultant economic havoc, it also has been caused by being too reliant on one economic sector: Oil & Gas. This shortfall has caused disastrous cuts to vital state funded programs such as DHS, hospitals and nursing homes, and public education. These problems will not be fixed by one party, and Jacob is willing to work together with both parties to find a long-term and equitable solution to our budget issues. We can do better for all Oklahomans if we’ll work together!

Criminal Justice Reform

The idea that somebody could go to jail for possession of drug paraphernalia is ridiculous, and Jacob will prioritize releasing anybody who is in prison for any non-violent marijuana-related crime…especially now that it’s legal here in Oklahoma! We must continue to spend tax dollars on reformation instead of retention for non-violent drug and property crimes. Jacob will also continue to work to get private business out of our prisons.