Educator Jacob Rosecrants to run for Representative of House District 46

Jacob Rosecrants, local father, public school teacher and advocate for education, announces his candidacy for the 2017 special election of House District 46. House District 46 encompasses the western half of Norman, part of South Norman, and most of Noble. Jacob Rosecrants first ran for office against Scott Martin in 2016. That campaign was narrow loss for Rosecrants, who earned 40% of the vote, with 7,201 votes. That total represented the most votes for any Democrat or Independent candidate running against the incumbent Martin in previous elections. Rosecrants was preparing to run for the open seat for 2018, but with Martin resigning his seat at the end of this session, he is ready to run immediately. Rosecrants proved that education is a non-partisan issue that can unite us in this time of division.

“I am tired of being ignored. I constantly communicate to lawmakers about anti-public education legislation such as vouchers, to no avail. It became clear to me that teachers and parents like myself were being ignored. I will not be ignored any longer.

I believe our children are affected the most by the current budget crisis. With every budget cut, their opportunities are cut as well. I want to be the voice for those who aren’t being heard.”