Passion, Patience, Progress

Jacob was born in Oklahoma City, and has lived in Norman for the better part of 30 years.

Shortly after graduation from Norman High School, he decided that being a teacher was his goal. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2008, as a History major with a minor in Classical Cultures. He became a teacher in 2012 and has been teaching at the high school and middle school levels in Oklahoma City Public Schools ever since.

He is the proud father of an 9 year old daughter, Isabella, and of a 8 year old son, Jonah, both of whom attend Norman Public Schools.

Jacob has been a loud activist for public education for years, with his main concerns being the lack of funding given to schools, low pay for teachers, and the harmful high-stakes tests that are unnecessarily forced upon students, especially in lower income schools.

He is currently teaching 7th grade Geography at Roosevelt Middle School in Southwest Oklahoma City. He has a passion for public education, has the patience to listen to constituents, and has the strength and ability to help our communities to progress into the future.