Teacher. Dad. Champion.

Jacob was born in Oklahoma City, and has lived in Norman for over 30 years. Jacob and his partner Robin are the proud parents of Isabella & Jonah, both of whom attend Jackson Elementary in Norman.

Having always had a passion for history & geography, shortly after Jacob graduated from Norman High School, he embarked upon the journey that led him on the path to teaching, culminating in graduation from The University of Oklahoma in 2008, as a History major with a minor in Classical Cultures.

Jacob has always had a heart to reach and to teach others, and this led him to become a Social Studies teacher in the Oklahoma City Public Schools District in 2012, where he remained teaching until he was elected as the State Representative of House District 46 on September 12th, 2017.

Jacob accomplished much in his role as a freshman state representative, including the passage of HB 1010xx, which provided much-needed raises for our teachers & public employees, and building bridges across the aisle in order to successfully pass legislation that will help all Oklahomans, and he looks forward to continuing this important work.

Jacob is driven to ensure all children in Oklahoma have the best possible public schools, that our neediest folks have the care they need, and that everybody has a seat at the table at the Capitol.